There are many parking options for residents, visitors, commuters, and businesses in the Village of Mount Kisco.

Municipal Lots

North Moger Ave (4 and 12 hour meter, permit parking)
South Moger Ave (4 hour meter, permit parking)
Blackeby Lot (4 and 12 hour meter, permit parking)
Shoppers Park (4 hour meter)
Dakin Ave (4 hour meter, permit parking sold out)
East Hyatt Ave (4 hour meter)

On-Street Metered Parking

North Moger Ave (1 hour)
South Moger Ave (1 hour)
East Main St. (1 hour)
Kirby Plaza (1, 2, and 12 hour)
Kisco Ave (2 and 4 hour)
Green St. (2 hour)
Gatto Dr. (2 hour)
Lexington Ave (1 hour)
Legion Way (12 hour)

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Parking Task Force

The Parking Task Force March 2019 Report can be viewed here.

The Task Force has updated their report. Please view the updates here.

The Village has created a Parking Task Force to evaluate our current parking strategy.  Please see the Task Force's initial report (9/4/18) by clicking here.

Permit Parking

Our current list of permit parking options can be found by clicking here.

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