Recreation Commission

Contact:                            Christine Dennett, Chair
Address:                            Recreation Department - 1 Wallace Drive, Leonard Park, Mt. Kisco
Phone:                               914-666-3059
MEETINGS:                      2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7:00pm @ Fox Senior Center

Recreation Commission Meeting Dates for 2024 TBD

Meeting Agendas & Meeting Minutes


Linda Cindrich
Robert Byrns
Galo Trujillo
Kathy Feeney
Kim Terlizzi
Christina McGinn
Christine Dennett 

Recreation Commission
The Recreation Commission of the Village/Town of Mount Kisco is comprised of seven members that are Village residents appointed by the Village Board of Trustees, and serve seven-year terms or until their successors are appointed and shall qualify.  Vacancies other than an expired term are filled in the same manner as original appointments and shall serve the unexpired term of office of the members that they have succeeded.

The Commission shall possess the powers and responsibilities set forth in Article 13 of the State of New York General Municipal Law and in Chapter 30 of the Code of the Village/Town of Mount Kisco.  Such powers shall include, but be limited to:

  • Appointing and/or dismissing officers and employees of the Recreation Department.
  • Preparation and submission of a Recreation Budget Proposal to the Village Board of Trustees.
  • Planning for the recreational needs for the Village, taking into consideration both Village resources and recommendations of individuals and groups within the community.
  • Adopting and amending the Rules of Procedure.
  • Operating, maintaining, and equipping Village playgrounds and recreation centers.
  • Evaluating and approving all programs and activities of the Recreation Department.

The Commission shall meet in regular session on the second Wednesday of each month (NO meeting August and December)  Via Zoom until further notice 7:00pm.