Planning Board Application Fees

Planning Board: Application Fees


            Conceptual Application

$400.00 application fee

Formal Applications:


            Site Plan/Change of Use Permit

$500.00 application fee plus

$75.00 per required parking space

Or $100.00 per proposed dwelling unit


$750.00 application fee plus

$500.00 per newly created lot

            Wetland & draining Control

$500.00 permit fee for projects under $10,000

$1,000.00 permit fee for projects over $10,000

            Recreation/Parkland Fee

$7,500.00 per proposed lot

            Fee in lieu of parking for

            CB-1, CB-2, and OD Districts

$25,000 per space

Planning Board: Escrow Deposits


            Conceptual Application

$500.00 escrow deposit

            Site Plan – minor site plan

$5,000.00 escrow deposit

            Site Plan – major site plan

$7,500.00 escrow deposit

            Change of Use Permit

$3,000.00 escrow deposit

            Special Use Permit

$5,000.00 escrow deposit

            Code Amendment

$10,000.00 an acre with a minimum payment of not less than $10,000.00

            Subdivision – 5 or fewer proposed lots

$5,000.00 escrow deposit

            Subdivision – 6-20 proposed lots

$10,000.00 escrow deposit

            Subdivision – 21-40 proposed lots

$25,000.00 escrow deposit

            Area Site Plan

$25,000.00 escrow deposit