Landmark and Historical Preservation Commission

Address:  Village/Town of Mount Kisco
   40 Green  Street
   Mount Kisco, NY   10549
Phone:  914-864-0033
Fax:  914-241-9018
Members (3 Year Terms) Terms
Eva Marshall 12/8/2024
Joan Stewart 12/1/2025
Michael Kirsch, Chair 12/5/2027
Jessica Cox 12/1/2025
Linda McCartney 12/1/2025
Louis Terlizzi 12/5/2027

Landmark & Historical Preservation Commission

The purpose of the Commission is to maintain and manage the historic properties under its jurisdiction in a spirit of stewardship and trusteeship for future generations through a historic preservation program as the Village Board of Trustees deems appropriate and pursuant to General Municipal Law of the State of New York, Article 5-K entitled Historic Preservation, Section 119-dd.

The work of the Commission is to include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Maintaining a permanent inventory of all local landmarks, historic properties, and assets.
  • Operating and managing a public information center at 40 Green Street, Mount Kisco, NY to display artifacts, distribute literature, and maps to the general public seeking information on local historic sites.
  • Recommending regulations, special conditions and restrictions for protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, works of art and other objects of interest or historical value.  Such regulations, special conditions, and restrictions may include appropriate and reasonable control of the use or appearance of neighboring property within the public view, or both.
  • Preparing an Annual Local Preservation Report, including a statement of the present status of historic preservation activities relating to the study, designation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation and use of buildings, structures, statues, or other objects significant to the history of the Village/Town of Mount Kisco; and any public events and educational activities performed.