Complete Streets Committee

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The Village seeks to achieve the following goals with this study.

Goal One:  Develop a comprehensive living document, aligned with New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Westchester County planning guidelines, that contains accurate data from reliable sources upon which the Village can rely and refer to in planning future actions to make existing streets, sidewalks and pathways safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, while also allowing for an efficient flow of vehicle traffic.

Goal Two:  Create comprehensive and reachable policy goals and guiding principles for the Village going forward, which will be reflected in planning, zoning, legislative and executive decisions. Create a built environment that encourages walkability as part of overall planning objectives.  Evaluation and mitigation of speed and future adverse traffic impacts to the environment, to neighborhoods, and to the community, and identify mitigation strategies to encourage walkability.

Mr.  David  Gorin  1/18/2025
Mr.  Robert Dagostino 1/18/2025
Ms.  Crystal  Pickard 1/18/2025
Ms.  Beth  Vetare-Civitello 1/18/2025
Mr.  John Rhodes 1/18/2025
Mr.  Karanja  Elliot 1/18/2025
Mr.  Mike McGuirk 1/18/2025
Mr.  Louis  Terlizzi 1/18/2025
Mr.  Robert Neidzweidz 1/18/2025
Trustee Angie  Guerra-Garcia 1/18/2025
Trustee  Lisa C.  Abzun 1/18/2025

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