Mount Kisco Voters - Proposition 7

For the past six years, the Village has had an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County for the provision of police services. The Westchester County Police provide public safety services for our community including patrol, investigation, aviation, special operations, and K-9 units. Administratively, the Mount Kisco Police Department still exists as an entity. In accordance with State law the Village must either dissolve the department or hire additional sworn police officers. Increasing staffing would duplicate the services delivered by the WCPD, cost approximately $1 million annually, and result in an approximate 7% tax increase.

In accordance with New York State law, the Board of Trustees passed a law to dissolve the department. We are required to put the question to the community for a vote. The referendum on the ballot reads: “A Local Law to dissolve the Mount Kisco Police Department and replace same with contracted services.” A “yes” vote will keep all operations running in their current form. A “no” vote will require an increase in the Village budget, and increase taxes to support the additional duplicative staff.