Receiver of Taxes

Contact: Joann F. Cerretani (914) 864-0034
  Receiver of Taxes  
  Victoria Simoncini  
  Deputy Receiver of Taxes (914) 864-0029
104 Main Street
  Mount Kisco, NY 10549  
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm  

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The Receiver of Taxes office is responsible for issuing tax bills and collecting tax payments for Village Taxes, County Taxes and School Taxes.  For your convenience, there is now a computer at the counter that you can check on your taxes and the status of when they were paid.  Additionally, the Village's new Tax Program will give you assessment information as well as any exemptions that your property may have.  You can obtain copies of your tax bills for twenty-five cents per copy.

School and County Taxes:
The Village/Town acts merely as an agent for the billing and collection of Bedford Central School District property taxes and County of Westchester property taxes for parcels within the Village/Town limits.  Inquiries other than the status of payments due should be addressed directly to the Bedford Central School District or the County of Westchester, as appropriate.

Paid Off Your Mortgage?
If you have recently paid off your mortgage, where your taxes were paid through an escrow account, it is advisable to contact the Receiver of Taxes' Office to insure your future tax bills are sent to the proper address.