Additional Services

In addition to tax collection there are additional services available in the Receiver of Tax office:

Dog Licenses are available for the following fees:
  • $10.00 for neutered dogs,
  • $18.00 for unneutered dogs.
  • Senior Citizens (over 60) will be charged $3.00

Dumpster Permits are required when a dumpster will be occupying parking spaces. You can apply for these permits at the Engineering Office in the Building Department.

Byram Lake (only) Fishing/Boating Permits are available for the following fees:

  • Residents and *Eligible Residents ONLY (*North Castle) - $20 for fishing/$40 for boating;
  • *Eligible Non-Residents ONLY (*New Castle and Bedford) - $50.00 fishing/$100.00 boating;
  • Senior Residents and *Senior Eligible Residents ONLY (*North Castle) Senior Citizens $10 for fishing/$20 for boating.

Two passport size photos, a valid NYS fishing license and a current DEP license is required to obtain the Fishing/Boating Permit.

Leaf Bags - Leaves and grass clippings must be placed in a biodegradable bag. The bags cost $3.50 for 5 bags.

Metal/Freon Stickers are required for placing refrigerators, air conditioners, toilets, ceramic sinks and bulk metal items at the curb for pickup by the highway department.  The stickers are available in the tax receivers office at a cost of $10.00 per item.

Notary Public - Several applications and forms used in the Village require notarization. Notary Public's are available in Village Hall.

Recyclable Bins are available for $10.00 each.

Voter Registration Applications and Absentee Ballot Forms are available in the Receiver’s Office.