Contact: Robert Wheeling (914) 864-0004
  Village Treasurer  
  Alexandra Graniero (914) 864-0016
  Deputy Treasurer  
Address: Village Hall (2nd Floor)  
  104 Main Street  
  Mount Kisco, NY 10549  
Dept Phone: (914) 241-0500 (follow prompts to connect to the Finance Dept)  
Fax: (914) 241-9018  
Hours:   Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm  

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 Name  Title  Phone
 Doreen Caravello  Staff Assistant - Finance and Administration  (914) 864-0013
 Claudine Howson  Senior Account Clerk  (914) 864-0005
Salvatrice Peirce Payroll Clerk (914) 864-0007

Finance Department Mission Statement

I. To provide our core customers with timely, relevant, accurate, and useful information and/or services in an efficient, effective, and courteous manner.

Our core customers include:

  • The Village Mayor and Board of Trustees,
  • The Village Manager and department heads,
  • Village employees and retirees,
  • Village residents,
  • Village vendors, and
  • Governmental agencies that provide oversight and/or services for the Village.

II. To promulgate Village polices and procedures towards the establishment and maintenance of adequate internal controls.

These internal controls are designed to assist management’s responsibilities for:

  • the quality and timeliness of the Village’s operational performance;
  • increased productivity and controlling costs;
  • safeguarding assets and protecting resources;
  • ensuring the efficacy of the Village’s operations;
  • verifying the accuracy and reliability of accounting data and other management information; and,
  • assuring that the Village and its employees carry out functions with integrity and in compliance with Village policy, as well as any applicable laws and regulations.
Underlying these internal control principles are the proper authorization, processing, recording and review of all financial transactions.