There are a variety of real property tax exemptions administered through this office, which you may or may not be eligible for. Below is a list of exemptions currently available for owner occupied, primary residences in the Village of Mount Kisco. You can download and print exemption forms here or you can pick them up at the Assessor's Office.

STAR Exemption provides a partial exemption from school taxes for most owner-occupied, primary residences. The exemption consists of two parts: (1) a "Basic" exemption available to virtually all New Yorkers who own their own one, two or three family home, condominium, cooperative apartment, mobile home or residential dwelling which is part of "mixed-use" property; and (2) an "Enhanced" exemption available to senior citizens (age 65 and older - Turn 65 yrs of age in the calender year you are applying a with yearly incomes of $93,500* (*June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024) or less. The "Enhanced STAR" exemption is verified with the submission of annual tax returns to the Assessor's Office. Applications are due by  MAY 1st  starting  in  2022.  A new Enhanced Star application would be submitted to the Village of Mount Kisco's Assessors office for residents with Basic Star Exemption before 2015. 
STAR Credit Check Program : New Property owners after 2015 must apply for the Star Program with NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance. 24 hrs a day , 7 days a week at www.tax.ny.gov/star.  Property Owners without access to a computer can register by phone at 518-457-2036 ( weekdays between 8:30AM to 4:30PM)

There is no need to reapply for Star Exemption or Star Credit Check Program each year.  

Senior Citizens Exemption is available on a sliding scale for property owners 65 years of age or over, whose total annual income falls within the guidelines for Village and/or County Taxes. These exemptions are income verified with the submission of annual tax returns~to the Assessor's Office.
New Senior ALL Exemption Income Cap for County of Westchester -2023
Alternative Veterans Exemption is available only for residential property of veterans who served during wartime or received an expeditionary medal. Applications are due by January 1st.

Clergy Exemption is available for members of the clergy who can supply documentation supporting their occupation.

Persons With Disabilities and Limited Income Exemption is available for persons with disabilities, who can provide certain documented evidence of their disability and meet certain income limitations and other requirements.~ Applications are due by January 1st.

Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers Exemption is available for members of incorporated volunteer fire companies, fire departments or incorporated volunteer ambulance services who have been certified as being enrolled members for at least five years. Applications are due by May 1st 2023.